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Online Evidence-Based Coaching


Hey folks, I’m Austin Steigerwalt

I am an extremely passionate in-person and online coach that
utilizes an evidence-based approach to fitness. I started coaching over 4 years ago and have worked with a variety of clients across the spectrum of ages, needs, goals, and experience levels. Additionally, I’ve undergone my own fitness journey and have successfully implemented strategies to lose 60lbs of fat and gain substantial muscle mass. These experiences coupled with my formal education background in nutritional science allows me to guide clients through their fitness journey and empathize with their challenges. It brings me great joy to see clients accomplishing their goals and learn invaluable lessons/knowledge along the way!

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Three Tiers of Service Integrated within our Training App

Personalized guidance to help you achieve YOUR goals!

Combo Coaching

Our combo coaching service handles both your training and nutritional needs. You will get a full training plan and nutritional coaching via our app.

Nutrition Only Coaching

Whether you need a full dietary overhaul or just some minor tweaks and accountability this coaching option is perfect for you. We give you breakdowns of your caloric needs, macronutrient targets, tips on how to structure meals to optimize your results and more!

Programming Only

Are you already quite familiar with training and dietary practices, but would like to follow an evidence-based training plan with some nutritional targets?

My Core Principles

The 4 fundamental E's of Coaching


Is a fundamental attribute that must be given by all involved parties. The coach and client must be willing to supply requisite effort to make the necessary changes and follow the prescribed recommendations. Consistent effort over time drives the progress we want. Everything worth doing is worth doing well!


The purpose of a good coach is to guide client towards a set goal. Coaches should, first and foremost, be educators. The goal is education and being able to manipulate variables, without the assistance of a coach. You should NOT need me to guide you through general fitness and body composition management forever!


I have had my own trials and tribulations when it comes to health and fitness. I struggled as a child and young adult with being overweight and out of shape. I understand the challenges and the lifestyle changes present. I am proof of concept that these changes ARE possible and within your ability to control!


The coaching industry is rife with mis-information and “quick fixes”. It is my promise to you that there will be a no-nonsense approach employed. All recommendations will be based upon my current understanding of the peer-reviewed literature as well integrations with practical tools which have been used for previous client(s) as well as myself.

Customer Testimonials

Glad I decided on Austin as my trainer

Andrew Ruth

I went to Austin about 8 months ago to develop a leaner, more muscular physique. I was struggling to balancing my social life and dietary health. I realized I needed advice from someone that was well educated in nutrition. Austin has all the academic experience and personal experience to help guide anyone who wants to achieve a fitness goal. The path taken to accomplish your goals will always come with evidence based reasoning. His empathy and own life experiences round out to be the whole package when you need help with something as critical as a lifetime of health and wellness.

In March of 2021 I was ranging from 225-230 pounds. I had no consistent gym routine, no diet plan at all and my body was struggling to handle the most basic physical tasks. My main goal was to get myself looking and feeling healthy again. We did accomplish this goal quite efficiently. Austin set me up with a diet plan and gym program that was geared towards my own personal likes/dislikes. For me it was huge just to have a plan that I could follow and trust. By June I was down 25 pounds and felt confidence with my body image. Since June, we have maintained this new physique and even started gaining some strength as I desired to add more muscle to my frame.

Along the way I realized that I was reaching more significant goals then what was originally set. I learned what it was like to sustain a lifetime of this kind of health. He will quite literally hand you all the information and provide the guidance to stay healthy.

Scott S.

I was on the fence about personal training initially, but I’m sure glad I made the leap. I only have good things to say about my experience working with Austin. I’m not sure there’s much more I could ask of an online training program.

Austin worked with me to find out my individual fitness goals and developed a personalized program to get me there.  The workout program has been fantastic so far, and the diet planning has been invaluable. Almost down 20lbs in the 4 months we’ve been working together! Austin’s always quick to respond to any questions or issues I have and has been willing to make significant modifications to my programming when needed.

All the programming is run through the Trainerize app keeping everything in one place. Workout plans, nutritional goals, steps, body weight, progress photos, etc. The workout tracking through the app couldn’t be any more convenient, making it easy to both track and modify the workouts as needed.  Glad I decided on Austin as my trainer and looking forward to continuing training with him.